Owie back & a real good noodle bowl

January 23, 2009

Today Karrie came so she and I could celebrate her birthday.  Just after she called to confirm the time, I did Something Bad to my back, and that has temporarily put the kibosh on various physical plans that I’d made.  I was going to take Karrie and our lunch up to a hill north of here, but decided to stay here at home instead.
There were some sweet bits: I’d ordered a birthday present for Karrie and was sad as the morning passed that it hadn’t arrived in time.  No sooner had I thought that when there was a knock at my door, and it was the UPS guy!  I just had time to wrap it up when Karrie herself arrived.  What good timing 🙂

I made us our favorite spicy comfort-food noodle bowl, pictured here:

Spicy noodle bowl with shrimps & baby bokchoi

Spicy noodle bowl with shrimps & baby bokchoi

It started out as a bento lunch, but it morphed into a bowl when we decided to stay home.  I dunno if it really qualifies as a bento lunch after it got de-boxed, but I posted it to the bento challenge Flickr pool anyway; I hope that’s okay.

The gift I got for Karrie I got for myself as well, and I love Love LOVE it: it’s the AeroPress coffee maker by Aerobie –We tried it already (of course) and it works as well as we’d hoped.  Yay Aerobie!  Yay Alex, fabulous guy from Aerobie!

I hope my back injury heals quickly; it really cramps my style.  I had wanted to start rowing, and I can’t until the back is working.  I’m not the patient sort, and this injury historically takes anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks to heal.  Let’s think super positive healing thoughts!


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