Bento challenge: week 2 wrap-up

January 25, 2009

This week had some great stuff (yay Tuesday!) and some stupid stuff (back failure).   I was just looking at the goals I had set for week 2:

• Continue making a bento  5 days a week
• Integrate data I get from nutritionist-lady into my goals
• Clean off my damn rowing machine & start using it
• Continue organizing my pantry & fridge & freezer

The bento making went fine & was enjoyable both to construct and eat.  I’m still seeing my daily numbers fluctuate quite a bit (cal/carb/fat).  I have had two conversations with the nutritionists office, but not with the actual nutritionist.. so I’m eager for my appointment with her.

The growing johbisai in my freezer & pantry has been of huge benefit.  I’m particularly glad for the mini meatballs, the soboro, the tea eggs, the delicious CTD peppers, and the store of quickly steamable/boilable veggies.  I tried a new brand of rice for this week, and the few onigiri I froze turned out slightly better than last week, but I still am loving them made from freshly cooked rice best.  Perhaps a rice cooker is in my future, but I’ve been making rice in a pot for 30 years now, and it works pretty well.  Tamagoyaki make me SUPER happy, even in my non-standard frying pan.

Onigiri with tuna & ume, sunomono, tamagoyaki, stewed shiitake, and a tea egg

Onigiri with tuna & ume, sunomono, tamagoyaki, stewed shiitake, and a tea egg

As I’ve mentioned, I’m keeping a food diary, and my intention is for it to be extremely detailed.  That’s working okay, ’cause I’m prone to obsessive geekiness, and tools like the online Nutrition Data site are certainly helpful.  However, I am not happy with how long it takes me with the current method.  Essentially, I send myself an email each day and use the Nutrition Data site to get the cal/carb/fat numbers.  I know there are tools such as CalorieKing that might make keeping a food log easier, but I can’t really afford it, so I’m still searching for a better way to log my food.  There’s an iTouch app called LIVESTRONG which I plan to try this week, and I’ll keep looking for a good free food diary application, preferably one I can use on the iTouch.

I did not get my rowing machine cleaned off.  Partly it was procrastination: I kept telling myself that I would do it on Thursday or Friday so that I would have technically met my goal, but then my back crashed.  I guess that’s the classic downside of procrastination!  Still, here it is Sunday, and my back feels much better, so I’m encouraged to think that this episode was just a brief blip.  I’ll try again this coming week to get the rowing going.

I did make some progress with regard to organization.  My organizational goals stretch far beyond this bento challenge, so at this point I’m glad to just be keeping up, i.e., doing a little bit every day to improve & streamline my life’s workflow.  During week 2 I got my freezer neatened up, and it already makes life so much easier to be able to easily FIND those mini-meatballs & sugar snap peas!  In week 3 I hope to tackle the pantry.

Besides all the lovely recipes & bento related expertise that Maki is sharing, I’ve been impacted in some really significant ways.  This challenge continues to encourage me to be more mindful about what (and how much) I’m eating, and that really matters to me.  Also, though the rowing didn’t actually start, this bento challenge is motivating me in that regard as well.  And I still really derive a great deal of pleasure looking at all our Flickr pool pictures, and sharing my own.

Oh, and I also credit the bento challenge with giving me the incentive to finally retool my old blog into a much more useful component of my online life.  I made it much more general in focus, and that’s so much better for me!

Upward & onward!


3 Responses to “Bento challenge: week 2 wrap-up”

  1. marzia Says:

    here you are!!!!

  2. mosaica Says:

    Yep 🙂 I dusted off the old blog and retooled it to more general. The old one was so narrowly focused that when I wasn’t doing some yarn-related things…

    Nice to see you here!

  3. Sounds wonderful!

    You rock. Hope your back will improve soon!


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