Post blizzard update

January 29, 2009

It was a fairly gentle blizzard as blizzards go, but we did get nearly two feet of new snow.  I was a little rueful about the timing –Wednesday is my busiest errand day, and I had several appointments in addition to my usual Wedensday stuff.  When I first woke up I was not happy that it looked like I might need to drive north to Lebanon twice, but then a friend suggested a great idea which allowed me to get all my things done with just the one major trip north.  It wasn’t a problem that I’d be driving in snowy blizzardy weather, it was the waste of gasoline which was bugging me!

So first I went to local hospital for bloodwork, and I scored a new pair of used wheels for my chair.  They’re used, but fifty times nicer than the ones currently on my chair.  They have TREAD!!!

Then it was on to the farm to pick up mom’s CSA share and our milk.  Then to the market to pick up a few things, and that was a highlight of the day: I got to visit with all my favorite market friends, and because of the storm, there was hardly anyone there!  It was heaven.  I ate my bento whilst chatting with Chris & Tracy & Jake in the bulk food aisle and we had lots of giggles.  I also got a nice long visit with L, and I’m sending her love even as I type.

Finally I headed to mom’s, and unloaded all the goodies.  I was torn about staying for dinner & cards, but we figured that I’d need help in either case to actually get into the parking lot at home, and from the truck into the building.  So I did stay for delicious dinner & sevearl rounds of fem hunderede; it was very cozy there with the woodstove, the licorice, and the snow all snarly outside.

Sure enough, when I got back home, the parking lot was completely inaccessible, and the ramp, path, and parking lot were all unshoveled and impassable.  It’s a good thing that I keep a blanket in my truck.  Grr!  I called the management of the building several times and they kept saying the plow hadn’t gotten there yet, so I didn’t get home until around noon today.  I think this is ridiculous.

My bento today was made & eaten late, and so welcome.  It was an attempt to emulate a bento lunch made by a lovely local Korean place called Yama, and it turned out really great:

Salmon, rice, broccoli, carrots, broccoli-carrot sushi, japchae, edamame, and salad

Salmon, rice, broccoli, carrots, broccoli-carrot sushi, japchae, edamame, and salad

This week has felt a bit disjointed, and I keep feeling like I’m not caught up, or that I’m missing something, but I’m just trundling onward, confident that I’ll feel a bit more centered in a few days.  There have been a fair number of jolts to my winter schedule, so I suppose it makes sense that it feels a bit off.

The highlight of the last week or so has been watching Oz open grand slam tennis –it’s the first grand slam of the season, and it’s been a great one so far.  The weather over there has been crazy hot –in the 120’s (F) on court!  Insane!  I was sorry to see Murray go out, and I’m still cheering Federer on.  He so hot.


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