Bento Challenge: week 3 wrap-up

January 31, 2009

This was an interesting week.  On the one hand, the whole week was plagued by a general sense of disjointedness; I kept on feeling very scattered, and this really had an impact on my bento making work-flow.  So everything felt like it took more effort.  Upon reflection I think it may be that I overbooked life a bit, so I’ll try to pull back where I can this coming week.

On the other hand, I had a GREAT doctor appointment Friday morning.  This wasn’t the nutritionist meeting I’ve been looking forward to, but a regular checkup.  I’d forgotten it until I got the little reminder on my PDA, and I was immediately aghast; I was pretty sure that I was extra-fat just now, and I imagined that my blood-work numbers were going to be horrid and that my doctor would glare at me.  Much to my great surprise & delight, I’ve lost six whole pounds!  Six!  Pounds!  Also, my HA1C (diabetes number) was down a point, and other results were similarly positive.  Yahoo!

I had goals for this week, and I met some of them, while others.. not so much.

I ate soup one night, and I had wanted to eat soup for dinner more frequently.  This is based on the idea that for me, having my main meal be lunch and having a light dinner makes me feel better.  That’s sort of happening now with bento lunches, but dinners are a bit more haphazard; I’ll often graze the fridge for dinner, and this can lead to unbalanced and ultimately unsatisfying dinners.  So, I’m going to keep trying to increase my soup-for-dinner nights.

I did not end up eating a vegetarian bento.  I kept wanting to, but I’d made this really great soboro, and it was easy to go to that.  I’m not feeling too bad about this, but I will try again next week to make just one.

The soboro was nice, and this week I ate it in lots of different ways, and I really liked the versatility of it.  I used it as a topping for rice, as part of a breakfast omelet, as part of some yummy not-fried-rice, and in a little savory dinner custard.  I have enough to have a good meal or two over the weekend as well.

Hot dog fishies & flowers are fun 🙂

I did get to use two back-o-the-pantry items this week.  Well, back of the root-cellar and freezer, but same thing –I used some of my home-grown proto pesto, and I used some beets which were, I’m sure, starting to feel neglected.  And each of these become favorites of the week!

Another goal was to try out the LIVESTRONG food diary application for the iTouch.  So far I really like the input part of the package –entering food items is so much faster, easier, more streamlined and more fun than doing it manually.  I’m still unsure if other features, things like the ability to export my data to a spreadsheet program, will work for me.  I’ll look at that over the weekend and next week and report back.

I did not uncover the rowing machine.  So this goal gets rolled over to week four ..


4 Responses to “Bento Challenge: week 3 wrap-up”

  1. min Says:

    I have used my healthrider for more than a week. 🙂 And I caculate how many calories I eat every day. Guess what, I lost 4 pounds and my thighs lost 2cm.

    Exercise is good!

  2. mosaica Says:

    Min! That’s so awesome! Though I am trying to figure out HOW you could lose 4 pounds without drifting off in the wind 😉

    I’m so glad to see you here, and I can’t wait to tell you about my strawberry & red bean paste filled mochi snacks. I’ll post about ’em later 🙂

  3. mosaica Says:

    goblin-o-rama: I’m so making your creamy spinach soup bitch my creamy spinach soup bitch. Mmm.

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