Ichigo daifuku

February 2, 2009

So, on Saturday I made this treat I’d been wanting to try for some time.  Ichigo daifuku are fresh strawberries daubed with sweet red bean paste and then enclosed in a soft wrapping of mochi.  Though mine look like some sort of freakish albino lumps, oh my GOODNESS how good they tasted.

Delicious if ugly mounds of strawberry goodness

Delicious if ugly mounds of strawberry goodness

I sprinkled a few toasted sesame seeds on the daifuku to make them prettier.  It didn’t help much.  Do you know how to make these prettier?  Tips?  Tricks?

Still, I’m not displeased with this first effort at all, because despite appearances, they really were a super delicious treat.  I have one idea to make them prettier and still tasty; I’ll report back as soon as I come across some more excellent strawberries.


5 Responses to “Ichigo daifuku”

  1. marzia Says:

    but they look so elegant!!! like the cheeks of a beautiful geisha who is blushing 🙂

  2. mosaica Says:

    ! Well, Marzia, you are clearly my favorite ichigo viewer ever 😉 They sure were tasty. I’ll make you some next time you visit, ‘kay?

  3. min Says:

    It is called cao mei da fu in Chinese if I remember it correctly. 🙂 When I have time, I will definitely try it.

  4. mosaica Says:

    Hello Min 🙂 You should definitely make these; they are so good. We had some good strawberries here last week up at the coop, but I haven’t been there for a while. I wonder if Stern’s has had any good strawberries –do you still shop there?

  5. min Says:

    Yes, I still shop there at least once a week, but I did not check their strawberries. Pricechopper has strawberries 1.98$/ 1lb this week.

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