Happy Setsubun!

February 3, 2009

Maki over at Just Hungry shared that today is Setsubun no hi, a Japanese festival celebrating the start of the spring season.  What a perfect idea, particularly as today, here in Vermont, is one of those steely grey days when spring seems almost impossible to imagine.

I started my local festivities by making a riff on taiyaki –this time I cooked fish-shaped blueberry waffles, each one dotted with 7 fat blueberries.  Yum!

A tasty way to celebrate spring, nest-ce pas?

A tasty way to celebrate spring, n'est-ce pas?

This time I used Bisquick baking mix instead of the engagingly laborious home-made version I used last time I made taiyaki.  Actually, this was really quite excellent, and a lot faster than the home-made version.  I looked at the ingredients in the Bisquick, and I wasn’t horrified, so it’s a win in terms of efficiency.

One of my bento challenge friends, Blorgie (she of the amazing plums) asked if I shaped these by hand.  I don’t!  I use my newly acquired taiyaki pan, which I found on Amazon.

Here the pan is closed, warming up on my electric stove

Here the pan is closed, warming up on my electric stove

For a fish-obsessed person like me, it was a happy find 🙂  Here it is in action:

Two blueberry waffle taiyaki ready to eat

Two blueberry waffle taiyaki ready to eat

I don’t think taiyaki are a traditional way to celebrate Setsubun no hi, but I figured with the lucky seven blueberries in each waffle (or fiffle, as I like to call them), well, Spring won’t mind.

Later today I’ll make the actual traditional food for celebrating Setsubun no hi, which is a lucky long sushi roll.  More on that later..


3 Responses to “Happy Setsubun!”

  1. marzia Says:

    Happy Setsubun to you Mosaica!! I love these taiyaki (and the taiyaki pan!!!). I have a very similar pan for onigiri, but I have never used. It was a gift from a friend who received it as a gift and it looks so old that I’m still wandering if it’s safe to use it!! I’ll upload a picture and come here to ask your help, if you dont’ bother 🙂 good night darling

  2. Blorgie Says:

    Got it! Thanks for that. Do they taste waffles these golden fish?

    • mosaica Says:

      They do taste like waffles when I use a waffley batter, and add maple syrup or fruit salad, but they taste a bit different when I make them traditionally, with sweet bean paste filling. I am still looking for ideas for savory ones!

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