I rolled a fat yummy maki

February 3, 2009

As I mentioned in the last post, today is Setsubun no hi, the Japanese celebration of the beginning of the spring season.  A traditional food to celebrate with is called ehou maki sushi, essentially a fat sushi roll with seven ingredients.  The ingredients can vary, but there must, according to tradtion, be seven of them because seven is a lucky number!

I made one for my bento today, and the seven ingredients I chose (i.e., had on hand) were lobster, avocado, carrot, scallion, tamagoyaki (thin omelet), delicious simmered shiitake, and cucumber.  My first ever maki roll, and it was so So SO tasty.  I ate it, following tradition, facing east north-east and in silence.

My bento lunch celebrating Setsubun no hi

My bento lunch celebrating Setsubun no hi

It was a tasty and satisfying way to spend a day in our bleak northern winter contemplating the coming sweetness of spring.  Spring!


4 Responses to “I rolled a fat yummy maki”

  1. awesome!

    but what is this spring thing you keep talking about ?


  2. birthe Says:

    I think your Maki looks SSSOOOO good – and your Muffins are so good tasting, thanks. Birthe

  3. Eclipse Says:

    i want this maki plz! om nom nom nom

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