I rowed!

February 9, 2009

1503 meters in 10 minutes, but seeing as I haven’t rowed since.. well, over a year I reckon, I feel super satisfied.  I’m doing the Concept2 Valentine’s Day Challenge, which is to row 14,000 meters between today and February 14th.  Back in the day I’d row that in a single session, but times, they sure have changed.

I’d done a huge house-keeping whirlwind organizing session this morning, and it just worked out that I concentrated on cleaning up all the junk that was around and on top of the rowing machine.  Then I got batteries for the little onboard computer so I can track the meters/time that I row.  Then I had lunch and was exhaustomundo.

I was sitting thinking: “I think I’ll have a smoke.  Hm.  Maybe I’ll row that 10 minutes and THEN have a smoke.”  And I did!  Two birds with one stone, too, ’cause I didn’t feel much like smoking after the row.



4 Responses to “I rowed!”

  1. Eclipse Says:

    Yay rowing! I often have a hard time convincing myself to go to the pool for a swim but I’m always glad when I’ve done it. And finding a way to distract yourself from a cigarette craving is the best way to defeat one. You win! Keep up the good work 😀

  2. mosaica Says:

    Thanks ‘clipsey 🙂

  3. WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!

    That is such excellent news!


  4. birthe Says:

    Hi, That is great, keep it up, you know you can do it. I also wanted to say how nice to see your picture, your happy smile, faith in and love of life. You are the bravest person I ever knew. Please send me the recipe for mock lobster suzzi. We ses i morgen.

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