I just remembered the pizza

February 12, 2009

Good day.  Long day, and I’m exhausted.  And I just remembered that I forgot knitting club last night.  Feh.

I visited Cedar Mountain farm today, picked up mom’s CSA & our milk, swore more than usual while chatting with farmer Kerrie, and headed north.  I sat in the parking lot at the Tip Top cafe and ate my tasty lunch, and waited for Petunia to show up for her one o’clock appointment with laoshi.  Sure enough, 3 minutes before 1pm, she showed up, and she sweetly offered to bring the second bento up to laoshi.  Lunch was good.  When I came back later for my appointment, laoshi gave me an empty box.  *beam*

I stopped at Listen (our local Salvation Army-ish store) and found some cute heart-shaped molds which will manifest themselves in a bento soonish.  I also found a little.. thing, a thing with three half-spherical depressions which will, I think, be good for small round onigiri.  It’s original purpose is altogether a mystery to me.  I hope it wasn’t some whacky toilet plumbing part, but I’m encouraged by the fact that I found it on the kitchen-stuff shelf.

Mystery object which will now mold things

Mystery object which will now mold things

After laoshi I went to mom’s and delivered her CSA veggies.  She made PIZZA.  From SCRATCH.  It was GOOD.  I also beat her & Carl’s pants off at fem hunerede.  It was GOOD.

I got home late, lugged my forty-billion pounds of groceries, CSA yummies, milk, and various crap into the house, rowed my second 10 minute piece of the day, and now it’s time to be supine.  Only I’m peckish, see.  And then as I lay here wondering what to write, I remembered that mom sent me home with a few slices of her mongo scrumptious pizza.  Life is good 🙂


8 Responses to “I just remembered the pizza”

  1. dejavouz Says:

    Looks good to make Yorkshire puddings in…

  2. Ah, i know which listen store you got this, I am pretty sure I saw it there a few days ago. I rejected because of the ‘uselessness’ for my homungous family, but I had the same wondering you did. It feelt cupcakish, but wrong size.

    I am sure onigiri mold would be just fine for it. Great thinking, I hadn’t made it that far out of the box yet.

    Karen who picked up useful nothings at listen today ^^

  3. Blorgie Says:

    The mystery object isn’t an egg poacher is it? I like the idea of onigiri being made in it – more poetic. By the way what is a CSA box? I like the idea of being able to go and get your own milk and hang out with the farmer, chew on a grass stem and cuss a bit.

  4. mosaica Says:

    That seems a good guess, Blorgie. It’s clearly meant to be attached to something; while you can’t see it in the photo, under each of those oblong holes, there is a tab of metal, so it looks like this thing is meant to be inserted into or attached onto some other mystery object. I’ll maybe make onigiri with it today!

    CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Essentially, you buy a share from a farmer, pay a lump sum and get veggie or veggie/fruit or veggie/meat shares each week. Helps the farmer have enough money to farm properly, and gives consumers all the advantages you can imagine. It has become quite popular here in the states, and I think it’s a great development for everyone involved. And I am all about the grass stem & cussing. So far it’s only the cussing as everything is covered in 17 feet of snow 🙂

  5. Blorgie Says:

    CSA – what a great idea. Perhaps it something we should consider here, especially in the wake of the terrible fires.

  6. Lili Says:

    My grandma used to have an egg poacher like that.

  7. eh438 Says:

    Yes, it IS a part of an egg poacher. The rest was a cheapie 2″ deep kind of skillet and a lid. I was given one as a wedding present. Nice re-purposing!

  8. mosaica Says:

    Ah, excellent! I love the internet for this very reason 🙂 It’s funny though –I tried using it as an egg poacher a few weeks ago, and it didn’t work so great. Though I buttered the mold, the eggs stuck to it! Much better at making onigiri!

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