Bento giveaway over at Not Exactly Bento!

February 26, 2009

One of the merry band of Bento Challenge people is creating excitement in the Just Bento forum and beyond with her Bento Giveaway.  Jenn decided to celebrate that soon she’ll have made 200 bento meals.  How great is Jenn!

I’m crossing my fingers.  I’m glad to use my recycled boxes, but an actual cute bento box?  That would be super fun to take out on the town.

Go check out Jenn’s blog, which has lots of yummy bento box lunches to look at, and join the giveaway fun.  Or, send me giveaway mojo vibes 🙂

I think this was my first actual boxed bento lunch

I think this was my first actual boxed bento lunch


4 Responses to “Bento giveaway over at Not Exactly Bento!”

  1. Zoé Says:

    This bento is absolutely gorgeous! Really nice mise en place!

  2. mosaica Says:

    Thank you, Zoe 🙂 It was definitely my first charaben type onigiri, and I remember it was tasty, after I showed it to everyone I knew 😉

  3. I can’t wait until my bento skills improve

  4. mosaica Says:

    Keep making bento, and your skills will undoubtedly improve. I am learning new things all the time from the Just Bento forum, and from the Just Bento photo pool. Good luck 🙂

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